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Comprehensive analysis of floor-to-ceiling windows


When we watch TV series, we often see the protagonists get up in the morning, walk to the large French windows, and pull the long curtains to both sides. In an instant, the warm and bright sunshine pours down, which makes people envious. If your home is renovating a new house, are you willing to install floor-to-ceiling windows? I am afraid that many people will nod their heads happily. The large floor-to-ceiling windows not only provide good lighting and a wide field of vision, but also create a romantic and bright atmosphere, which is what most girls look forward to! So, is the installation of floor-to-ceiling windows really intact? What should we pay attention to when choosing floor-to-ceiling windows? The editor of Baydee uPVC Profile will now take you to a deeper understanding!

First of all, if you plan to do big glass, you need to be prepared to increase your budget. Large glass generally has several additions:

First, the glass thickening costs.

According to the size of the glass, choose the appropriate glass thickness, 2-3 square choose 6 mm glass original, 3-4 square choose 8 mm, 4-6 square choose 10 mm.

The thicker the glass, the higher the processing cost. And if the thickness reaches more than 10 mm, it may be necessary to upgrade ultra-white or ultra-white LOW-E glass.

Second, the hoisting fee.

There is a hoisting fee for hoisting. The higher the floor and the larger the glass, the more expensive the corresponding hoisting fee.

In addition, there are transportation and installation costs for large glass. Larger glass requires more hands. Usually, there are only two or three people for installation. When a large glass is encountered, the number of people required may be six, seven, or even more.

To sum up, the larger the glass, the higher the cost. If you are on a budget, I suggest you choose the cost-effective 6mm or 8mm glass. Be careful not to make the glass too big.

Installation Precautions:

1. Establish benchmarks

Find the installation elevation, mark the position of the vertical, horizontal lines and the direction of entry and exit, and pop up the ink line if necessary; establish the elevation position of the fixed piece, remove the plastering to the structural layer if necessary, and prohibit the frame from entering the hole before removing it. Check again whether the window is damaged, and whether the protective film is scratched or scratched. If the profile is found to be welded or cracked, it must not be installed on the wall.

2. Connection and fastening method

The selection of materials and installation accessories for the aluminum alloy glass floor-to-ceiling window conforms to the design and specification requirements (expansion bolts ≥8*65mm, nails ≥3.7*42mm, pull tabs ≥140*20*1.5mm). The frame enters the hole, and the upper and lower, inner and outer directions of the window frame are determined. The four corners of the frame and the position of the horizontal frame are plugged with gaskets. When the length of the lower frame is 900mm, the middle is also plugged with gaskets.

Advantages and disadvantages of floor-to-ceiling windows:


1. Good lighting: If you want to say what the big window is, it is lighting. Whether it is the living room or the bedroom, if you choose this type of window, the interior will be bright, and it will look bright without turning on the lights during the day. Lighting is assured and great.

2. Good vision: The installation of floor-to-ceiling windows does not have much impact on interior decoration, but it can be visually coordinated. Try to imagine that the floor-to-ceiling windows installed at the home can look at the outside scenery at a glance, but it is really a beautiful thing.


1. No sense of security: The design of floor-to-ceiling windows will inevitably give people a feeling of emptiness. Some higher floors will inevitably lack some sense of security when they are active in the living room or bedroom.

2. Lack of privacy: Although it is said that with the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, we can have a clear view of the outside scenery, but it is also easy to see the interior from the outside, so we must do some privacy protection, if there is no news, then it can cause The issue of privacy exposure.

The advantages and disadvantages of floor-to-ceiling glass windows and how to pay attention to several additional items of large glass are explained here. I hope to provide you with reference and assistance after reading this article.