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How to choose the gauze?


In the middle of spring, when the temperature is getting warmer, people's demand for screen windows is even greater. The main function of the screen window is to block the mosquitoes out of the window, but at the same time, it should also consider not blocking the light and not blocking the wind. Invisible gauze is more popular on the market now, but how to choose when choosing invisible gauze?

Invisible gauze, as the name suggests, is a gauze that can be automatically rewound. The reason why the gauze is called invisible is that the net is "invisible" after the gauze is rolled back. The gauze rewinds without taking up space. However, how to choose invisible screens?

The following is explained to you by Baydee uPVC Profile:

1. Pay attention to the gauze

When choosing invisible screens, pay attention to the quality of the screens first. A good gauze mesh is evenly distributed and dense, and it may feel rough to the touch, but it will not feel uneven in thickness. Invisible screen windows are mostly made of good glass fiber mesh, and fireproof material will be applied to the surface of the screen mesh. Such screen mesh has a good effect in preventing ultraviolet rays and flame retardant, and can greatly improve the protection.

2. look at the wind

Poke both sides of the gauze with your hands, the button-type windproof or the brush can be pierced out, but the windproof effect is poor, especially the white brush is not worth the money, and the white brush will be weathered in one or two summers. By then, nothing will matter.

3. Look at the way of fixing

Most of the screen windows are fixed with plastic buckles, and they are also assisted by rails and screen boxes, and the base is directly stuck, so that after a long time of use, once the aging phenomenon occurs, it will affect the push and pull of the screen windows. . It is recommended to lay the gauze in the fixed outer frame when installing the screen window, and then use the slotted magnetic strip to press the gauze into the pvc strip, and then press the outside to make it stronger.

4. Look at the color

When choosing invisible screen windows, the frame of the screen window is very important for us when we come, because the frame of the roller shutter screen window is all sprayed aluminum alloy, usually there are various colors for purchase, pay attention to the color selection and home furnishing The color of the decoration style can be well matched, and it should be the same as the aluminum alloy color of the original window.

In addition, the invisible screen window has a wide range of applications and can be directly installed on the window frame, and doors and windows such as wood, steel, aluminum, and plastic can be assembled. Invisible screens have the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, strong anti-aging, good fire resistance, no need for paint coloring, and odorless, which are also favored by the public. If you want to know more about doors and windows, see you next time!