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Let the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows turn on the heat insulation mode and spend the summer cool!


The arrival of the small heat means entering the midsummer. There are sayings that "the small heat is followed by the big heat, and there is nowhere to hide", "the small heat and the big heat are steamed and boiled". The first heat wave of "dog days" is about to hit.

Every summer is troubled by the scorching heat. Hot, sticky air, scorching hot cheeks. The air conditioner just turned off and was woken up by the heat. When tossing and turning, I hope that indoor and outdoor are two worlds. At this time, we can consider the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. The design of the broken bridge aluminum material and the hollow insulating glass allows you to live leisurely in a comfortable environment.

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are now on fire. I believe many people have heard of it. It is an aluminum alloy material, but its price is relatively expensive, mainly because the heat insulation strip is inserted in the middle of it, which can prevent heat well. Compared with other aluminum alloy doors and windows, the broken bridge aluminum alloy has better performance in reducing thermal conductivity, and can also maintain thermal insulation.

We know that the thermal conduction power of the alloy is very high, and the thermal insulation breaking bridge aluminum alloy material is to disconnect the aluminum material, and add thermal insulation strips in the middle to block the heat transfer. Its thermal conduction coefficient itself is much lower than that of ordinary aluminum. Alloy material, coupled with the structure of insulating glass, the two are "double swords", so that even in the hot summer of more than 30 degrees outside, a cooler space is created indoors.

Summary of Baydee Upvc Profiles: It is hot in summer. If you want to cool down, you need to stay at home. If you want to be comfortable at home, then you need to turn on the air conditioner? When the air conditioner is turned on, if the heat transfer between indoor and outdoor is unobstructed, does the air conditioner have to run all the time to maintain a suitable temperature? There is definitely no way to save electricity bills. Therefore, in order to save electricity bills, the home must have a door and window that can block the transmission of heat. Broken bridge aluminum thermal insulation and energy-saving doors and windows, in this hot summer, give you a cool summer!