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The role of the broken bridge aluminum door and window insulation strip!


In today's pursuit of quality life, more and more people have reached a consensus on choosing broken bridge aluminum doors and windows for decoration. Because the advantages of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are obvious, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows not only integrate the advantages of sound insulation, sound insulation, heat insulation, and atmospheric beauty, but also have certain effects in dustproof, waterproof, sound insulation and energy saving, and are subject to the pursuit of quality life. favored and sought after by consumers. Baydee Upvc Profiles Let's talk about it for everyone

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

Broken bridge aluminum alloy is to divide the original one-piece profile into two on the basis of traditional aluminum alloy, and then connect the two separated parts together by means of mechanical compounding by thermal insulation strips.

The nature of the use of the thermal insulation strip determines that it must have high strength and low conductivity at the same time, otherwise it will cause major quality hazards in the thermal insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows and curtain walls (insufficient strength will cause the thermal insulation aluminum profile from the thermal insulation strip. The connection is broken), or the thermal insulation meaning is lost (the thermal insulation effect cannot be guaranteed if the conductivity is high), so the material selection and manufacturing process of the thermal insulation strip are very critical.

The components of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows that play the role of broken bridge heat insulation are heat insulation strips. If the heat insulation strip cannot achieve the effect of broken bridge insulation due to poor quality, then the broken bridge doors and windows are equivalent to ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows, and cannot be called broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Insulation strip is not only the core part of thermal insulation, but also the structural part of door and window safety!

Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have the function of heat insulation and fire prevention, and it is also better for temperature protection. It also uses hollow tempered glass, which has a great effect on reducing noise. Even if we live next to the road, it will be because of its sound insulation. ability, so that we can live in a more comfortable and comfortable environment.