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How to solve the sinking and tilting of doors and windows?


01 The impact of sinking and tilting problems of doors and windows

This is because the sash of the outward-opening window or the inward-opening window has a sinking problem.

It may cause "my" home windows:

(1) It takes a lot of effort to open the fan, and it takes a lot of effort to close the fan

As the sinking of doors and windows becomes more and more serious, the overall window sash may quietly deviate from the original horizontal position, causing it to take more effort than before to drag it back to the window every time it is opened and closed. box.

(2) The performance of doors and windows is greatly reduced

When the doors and windows sink to a certain extent, the window sash will collide with the window frame, and the lock point and the lock seat cannot be closed, resulting in the incomplete tightness of the window sash, which will naturally affect the sound insulation and waterproofness of the doors and windows.

In a rainy place like the South, without waterproof doors and windows, once the rain is a little heavy, the rainwater cannot be discharged in time, and the home may end up with the consequence of "water flooding the golden mountain".

(3) The safety of doors and windows will not be guaranteed

The problem of sinking has been going on for a long time, and the strength that the hardware can withstand is constantly being pushed to the limit. When the hardware breaks, accidents may happen.

02 Why the doors and windows sink and tilt

So, why do home improvement doors and windows sink and tilt?

(1) The installation is not careful, and the doors and windows are troublesome

When installing doors and windows, sash glass spacers should be used. The glass spacers can keep the glass from contacting the window frame, and can make the overall force of the glass more reasonable.

When installing the sash glass of an outward-opening window or an inward-opening window, it is necessary to avoid pressure on the far end of the lower part of the glass. If it is placed unreasonably, it will cause the doors and windows to sink in the long run.

Therefore, whether the placement of the sash glass block is reasonable is the most important reason for the sinking problem.

The side of the handle is far away from the supporting point, and there is no other hardware support, so it will naturally cause sinking problems under the action of gravity.

(2) Inferior hardware has poor load bearing

The quality of hardware is related to the normal use of doors and windows in the future. If poor-quality hardware with poor load-bearing capacity is used, it will always bear the "unbearable weight of life" during the use process.

If the hardware does not have a good load-bearing capacity, the outward-opening window or the inward-opening window may sink.

Take the example of doors and windows:

The width of the window sashes generally ranges between 600 mm - 750 mm, while the height is generally around 1200 mm - 1400 mm.

The door and window shown in the figure below, it can be concluded that the area of ​​the general window sash is 0.8 ㎡.

Then, based on the 12 mm (6 + 9A + 6) insulating glass, the approximate weight of the 0.8 ㎡ door and window glass is 24 kg (0.8 * 12 * 2.5 area * total thickness * 2.5), plus other objects such as frame aluminum The overall weight can reach about 35 ~ 40 kg.

The load-bearing capacity of good-quality hardware can reach 60 kg, but the load-bearing capacity of inferior hardware may be far below this requirement.

You may not be able to feel the difference between the two after the initial installation and use, but after a long time, there will be problems with the force of the inferior hardware, causing the window sash to sink.

(3) Other possibilities

Aluminum alloy material: The sinking of doors and windows may also be related to the aluminum alloy material used in the window frame. If its quality is too poor and the wall thickness is not enough, it will make its material feel soft and make the window supporting the glass The frame cannot handle the weight, causing it to sink.

Glue injection process: In the manufacturing process of doors and windows, there are certain errors in the installation of the corner injection, which leads to insufficient bearing capacity of the corner injection strength of the window frame, which affects the overall stability of doors and windows.

Lack of screwing, missed screwing, and not screwing firmly: the screw only broke a layer of aluminum alloy, and the bite strength is not enough, which may also be one of the reasons for the sinking of the door and window; the position that should be reinforced with five screws is only installed There were three of them, which made the doors and windows unable to be fixed better, resulting in the sinking of the window sash.

03 How to verify whether the doors and windows of your home are "curved or not"

For Baydee, the easiest and most intuitive way is to "steal" the carpenter's spirit level and tape measure when inspecting doors and windows~

Method: Open the window to the half-open state first, and then measure the vertical and horizontal errors. If it exceeds about 2.5 mm and you feel that the use is not smooth, then the door and window need to be rectified.

It should be noted that a tape measure can generally be used instead of a level for measurement, but this measurement method is not very accurate, and it is not recommended to use a tape measure to measure outward opening windows, because the degree of difficulty is relatively high.

04 Wrong solution

After reading this, you may be eager to verify whether your windows are "curved or not", and then go to the installer immediately.

But don't worry, Baydee will talk about some wrong solutions below, so don't be fooled!

(1) Great way of sharpening characters

When you invite the master, he can just pat his chest after looking at it and promise that he will definitely solve this problem perfectly for you, then he takes out the tool and shoots at the lock seat.

Before you could react, he shortened the lock seat, which was not long at all, and said in his mouth - the door couldn't be closed anyway! I shortened your lock seat, so it can be closed!

△ Grinding off the lock points and lock seats will undoubtedly affect the overall performance of doors and windows

This method is indeed "wonderful". When the door and window are tilted, you have worn off the lock seat that is not a problem, and the window sash has no shelter, so it can be closed!

But... aren't the doors and windows still crooked? !

Did the feeling of helplessness come up in an instant?

This method of grinding the lock seat is purely for the master to save effort.

Not only can it not effectively solve the problem, but the lock seat will also have an impact on the closing performance of the door, resulting in the situation that the doors and windows are not closed tightly.

(2) One-shot

We just said that there are some masters, everything is a grind, so in addition to this genre, there is another kind of one word when encountering a problem-cut!

The masters of the one-knife style will choose to cut the black water-retaining strips on the window frames when the doors and windows are not closed tightly.

But this approach is equivalent to cutting the sealing strips of doors and windows, which greatly reduces the sealing performance of doors and windows.

Neither of the above two behaviors can fundamentally solve the problem.

Think about it, the matching parts of doors and windows have been sharply cut by this burst of grinding, and even if they are already damaged, they are still continuously impacted by the door frame with an increasing angle of inclination, which may directly cause the hardware accessories to fall off.

If it is found that the door leaf has a sinking problem during the acceptance, it is necessary to communicate with the decoration master in time for maintenance.

If you have been unable to solve this situation by yourself, or have been "solved" by the decorator with the above methods, you should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible to replace the product.

05 The correct solution

Just finished explaining the two wrong solutions, remember to be careful not to be tricked, and now Baydee will teach you a few correct tricks, how to solve the problem of sinking and tilting of doors and windows.

(1) Choose reliable hardware

When buying hardware, I still believe in "brand power) Compared with unknown small brands without any guarantee, it will definitely be much more reliable.

When necessary, let the merchant provide the purchase certificate of the hardware to be foolproof.

(2) Correctly place the sash glass block

When installing the sash glass, we need to place the sash glass block diagonally as shown in the figure below.

Focus on pressing the weight of the glass on the hinge side, not under the handle that is a little farther away from the hinge, so that the window sash glass spacer can hold the entire glass very firmly, and then install the pressing line to further stabilize it. The position of the glass, and avoid the sinking of the doors and windows.

(3) Fine-tuning hardware

At the beginning of the installation of doors and windows, the position of the hardware is basically confirmed and fixed, and all we can do is fine-tune.

As shown in the picture below, there is a sinking problem of the sash in the inward-opening and inverting window: by adjusting the oblique rod on the inward-opening and inverting window with the inner hexagon, the adjustment can fine-tune the height of the sash.

Here, Baydee would like to explain in advance that not every hardware on the doors and windows can be easily adjusted. It is best to contact the merchant or a professional master for on-site repairs, and it is not recommended to do it yourself.

If the sinking and tilting problems of doors and windows are not too serious, the above methods can be used to "correct" the window sash.